A Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony should be an emotional and renewing ceremony for you and your children, family and friends. As a married couple, it is often a time to reflect on where you have been and where you are going.

Vow renewal ceremonies can be as creative and personal as you want them to be.  Your ceremony should be less formal than a wedding, more casual and enjoyable and ideally completely reflect your joint lives.

You may also decide it is important that your children and grandchildren be involved in some way.  Some of the ways children and grandchildren can be involved is in the lighting of unity candle or reading a short passage of poetry.

You may want more than a simple renewal of vows but an enactment of your wedding service and may use a copy of the original wedding service if it is available. Vows can be adapted quite simply by adding words:

“Do you, name, once again take name to be your lawfully wedded wife/husband……” This time around the focal point is much more on the service itself than on the reception, the honeymoon and other aspects of your original wedding.

I would be more than happy to meet with you for a complementary consultation, to review samples of ceremonies, readings and vows, and to find out the best way of working together successfully.

Renewal of vows