Legal Requirements and Documents

A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) should be completed and signed with me. This must be lodged not later than one month and a day and not earlier than eighteen months before the wedding date.

It is a legal requirement that the original documents must be shown to me and used to complete the NOIM form.

Information required to complete the NOIM includes the mother’s maiden name, father’s full name and if applicable, date of any previous marriage, year of birth of any children from a previous marriage and the date on which dissolution of the last marriage became final or a former spouse died.

The following documents are required:

* Driver’s licence or passport for identification purposes.
* Birth Certificate or extract for Australian born.
* Passport for overseas born or Naturalisation Certificate.
* Any documents from overseas born must be translated by an accredited translator
* Change of name certificate.
* Where there has been a previous marriage, you have to produce relevant divorce papers (Decree Absolute) must be sighted, or a Death Certificate if the previous partner has died.
* A Statutory Declaration may be used if some documents have been lost.